Give Great Falls COVID-19 Resources

We understand that many of your fundraising efforts are currently impacted by evolving public health directives and event cancellations. Here you will find the latest information regarding Give Great Falls and how to take full advantage of your Giving Day. Additionally, we are continuously working on providing resources to help your organization continue to succeed.

Social Media

  • Acknowledge the situation on social media, even if your nonprofit does not directly serve those impacted.
  • Engage with your supporters via a Facebook Poll or Instagram Poll.
  • Create an "I give on Give Great Falls because..." sign and have people take selfies, post on social media, and tag your nonprofit.
  • Have staff or volunteers do a social media takeover to share a day in the life of your nonprofit and remind followers to give on Give Great Falls.
  • Update your followers on your fundraising goals throughout the day. Post regularly with stories or fun facts. Give your followers a reason to care, share and donate!
  • Consider a safe dare or challenge to engage your followers. For example, if you reach 50 donors, your Executive Director will get a pie in the face or dye their hair a fun color!

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

  • Add P2P fundraisers via your Give Great Falls Dashboard, and encourage supporters to sign up via social media.
  • Ask volunteers to pair up with a P2P fundraiser and share it out on the fundraiser's behalf - that's one fundraiser with twice the reach!
  • Encourage your P2P fundraisers to ramp up sharing on social media.
  • Offer a small prize to the fundraiser that raises the most. It can be as simple as a t-shirt or free membership to your organization!

Email Communications

  • Like on social media, acknowledge the situation with your supporters and check-in to see how they are doing.
  • Be direct with your asks and help donors understand what the funds are going towards. Remember, that keeping the lights on is still a worthy cause to fundraise for!
  • Offer an alternative for those that can't give right now: Like, follow, subscribe, share!

Virtual Events

  • Go Live on Facebook to engage with supporters in lieu of an in-person event.
  • Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Facebook Live to engage with supporters.
  • Create an online trivia or game show to host on Give Great Falls via Facebook Live.
  • Offer a virtual tour, performance or story time via Facebook Live.
  • Make sure to let your supporters know in advance when you're going live so they know when to tune in!


  • Ask volunteers to make thank-you calls throughout Give Great Falls.
  • Give donors (that have opted to make their donation public!) a special shoutout on social media.
  • Remember: The way to get your first gift is to ask, and the way to get your second gift is to say thank you!

Webinar: Strategies for an Impactful Giving Day During COVID-19

Nonprofits participating in spring Giving Days across the country joined GiveGab, our technology partner, for a this live webinar that discussed strategies for implementing a successful campaign entirely online. In light of event cancellations and increasing mandates to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19, we understand the new challenges and implications giving day participants are experiencing. Now more than ever, it's vital to be able to connect with your supporters amidst these rapid changes and continue providing services to your community. Topics included how you can leverage social media, utilize fundraising tools, and continue to engage your community at this crucial time.

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